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Survey says… Yes!

Australia votes Yes to Marriage Equality @2x

Well, the results are in and Australia has voted for a resounding ‘YES’ to the marriage equality survey.

Of the 150 federal electorates, 133 returned ‘yes’ votes, a total of almost 62% of the nation in the affirmative.

Speaking to the nation this morning, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: “The people have voted yes for fairness, they voted yes for commitment, they voted yes for love”.

On the other hand, former prime minister Tony Abbott says the result is a vindication of the process.

“The people have spoken and, of course, the parliament should respect the result,” posted Abbott on Facebook, adding: “I also thank the 4.7 million Australians who supported marriage between a man and a woman.”

While the yes vote has won, politicians are yet to make sure the will of the nation’s majority is respected by Parliament and that legislation is passed by Christmas.

Ironically, of all states, New South Wales – home to the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – returned the lowest ‘yes’ vote, at 57.7 per cent, while the ACT returned the highest ‘yes’ vote, at 74 per cent.

In Queensland, the majority of voters in three electorates voted ‘No’, while in Victoria there were two ‘No’ electorates.

In Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory, all seats returned a majority ‘Yes’ vote.  Antonino Tati

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