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Do Celebrities Sleep Longer On Average?

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A lot of celebrities lead fabulous but often hectic lives. They move across the country attending shows or parties. Others have rigorous filming and touring schedules. With all these activities going on in their lives, how long do you think they sleep?

While some sleep comfortably, others have high cases of insomnia. I’ve even discovered that prescription sleep medication and insomnia are common in some celebrity deaths. I’ve compiled a list of famous women and men with unique sleeping behaviors. Go through them and see who is sleeping and who’s not! I hope you’ll learn something from them.


Renee Zellweger

Because of her often busy routine, Zellweger, of Chicago fame and Bridget Jones does not always get time to sleep. In one of her promotional tours, she was quoted saying that it’s like her body couldn’t tell it was time to rest. She added that she felt helpless in such a situation.

It’s clear that tired people have trouble sleeping. They keep worrying about the events of the following day. Luckily, experts at Try Mattress have found a soothing bedtime routine if you’re like Zellweger. To increase your sleep duration even when you’re overworked, switch off the lights one or two hours before you go to bed. Doing so assists your body in transitioning comfortably.


Cheryl Hines

Here’s another actress with a past full of insomnia. She is famous for her role as Larry David’s wife in Curb Your Enthusiasm; the hit HBO series. I discovered that she’s struggled with lack of sleep for close to twenty years. However, it’s a different kind of insomnia!

While getting sleep was a huge problem, she also woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall asleep later. Her doctor advised her to change her sleeping schedule. For instance, avoiding exercises too close to her to bedtime, and even taking an Ambien. Interestingly, because of this, she has teamed up with a group of nurse practitioners where they educate and provide solutions to insomnia. Together they’ve created a campaign called “Why Count on Sheep to Sleep?”


James Mercer

I’ve even read some news which showed that the lead singer of the famous rock group, the Shins has had cases of ‘crippling insomnia.’ This was around January 2007 when they released their album called Wincing the Night Away.

He once told MTV of his struggles with lack of sleep, where he adds that it’s something that he has to ‘battle’ once in a while. Interestingly, his troubles were too much that he even created an album called ‘nucturnal vibe’ because of his experience wandering late at night in his neighborhood.


Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez is a famous musician-turned Hollywood star and unlike other celebrities on this list. It’s no doubt that she’s one of the most beautiful actors ever to grace the red carpet. But what do you think keeps her young and beautiful? Well, she swears it’s the eight hours of sleep that she gets each night. She also describes rest as her weapon.

However, things have not always been smooth for ‘Jennifer on the block.’ After the birth of her beautiful twins back in 2008, she had to sacrifice some of her beauty sleep. Of course, this is a routine we keep seeing nowadays with most mothers and ‘J-Lo’ ‘fell’ in the same situation!


As you can see, most people today have different sleeping durations. From the list above, you can see that insomnia is a huge problem. Shockingly, even your favorite celebrities have not escaped the ‘’disease.’ Fortunately, you have the perfect chance to learn from their mistakes and live healthy lives full of sleep!


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