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These holidays, Perth’s State Library is making some noise.

Dedicated to the history of Western Australia’s first FM radio station, community broadcaster RTRFM, Alternative Frequencies: 40 years of RTRFM will take audiences back to a time when the airwaves reigned supreme.

The collection features historical artifacts including broadcasting equipment, event posters, photographs and merchandise, as well as audio from the archives, in a celebration of the station’s unique and important place in Western Australia’s cultural landscape.

For over four decades, RTRFM has presented music, arts and culture with a definitive indie bent, and relies on funding through listener subscription and fund-raising events.

To subscribe to the station, and enjoy a heap of benefits like discounts to live gigs and invitations to special RTRFM events, visit rtrfm.com.au.  Chris Prindiville


‘Alternative Frequencies: 40 years of RTRFM’ runs until February 11, 2018 at the State Library of Western Australia.

Entry is free.

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