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The New Year Style Switch: 6 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Decor For 2018

The New Year Style Switch @2x

The decor decisions are the ones that will most often weigh on your mind as far as your home is concerned. Finding ways to properly decorate your house so that it looks beautiful and interesting can seem impossible, especially if you’re looking to create new styles in a familiar space.

Updating your previous style selection can be a more economic and easy way to breathe new life into your tired old living spaces, and it has the added benefits of avoiding brand new furniture shopping. To help you in your quest for a fresher home, we have collected 6 ways to rejuvenate your decor for 2018, and we hope they’ll lead you to the layouts and designs you’re looking for.



The interior or exterior of a house can be a central factor in the success or failure of a decor choice, and this is largely because colour schemes that don’t match your walls will likely clash with your new choices, throwing both off equally. This leaves you with an unsuccessful paint scheme and a set of interior furniture you can’t use, which is a lose-lose as far as you’re concerned.

Repainting a room to fit the decor you want to move in there is a cheaper option, and it means you can choose whatever furniture you want for that room. Remember that with the right decor, almost any colour will work as a feature wall in a room.



Curtains have a much greater influence over the interior space than you might think, and the wrong set can throw off even professionally decorated rooms. To really make a central space pop, try installing some custom made curtains onto the windows, and see what a difference it makes.

A well created curtain can add subtle layers of complexity to the interior decoration of your home and contribute positively to the overall vibe of the place.


Furniture Arrangement

The way you’ve arranged your furniture in your rooms are very important, and rearranging can be almost as good as buying new pieces. If you have a rumpus room or a dining room that isn’t often used, try swapping some of that furniture out for more used pieces in order to liven up otherwise-unused spaces.

Move the focal point of your living room around until you have a completely different set up to what you had before, and you’ll see the difference in feeling immediately.


Antique Flair

Antique designs are often in style in the modern age, and many people avoid making use of them because they aren’t completely sure of what they’re doing. The rule for antique furniture is fairly simple – if it’s timeless, use it. Pieces that could be from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s at a glance are usually classy and well made, making them excellent conversation pieces for a modern home. More obviously dated examples should be avoided, due to their lack of ageing gracefully.



Finding a use for all of the bits and bobs in your garage can add a whole new edge to your existing home styles, and give purpose to your otherwise unused stylistic ingredients. With slight modifications, wooden pallets can be used to make a number of functional and stylish things to use as decoration, and hessian sacks can be hung on walls like fine art in this world of modern design.


The New Year Style Switch insert @2x


Finally, adding some “industrial” elements to your home can really add an edge to the feel of a place. Large lockers used as a coat rack for guests can bring that industrial feel, that can usually only be achieved with red brick and polished concrete, into your home.


With these things in mind, you’re only a couple of steps away from reviving your existing design sensibilities and breathing new life into the future of your home once more.

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