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The Summer Saviour: 7 Wonderful Ways to Get Your Backyard Feeling Festive this Season

Image source: images.smh.com.au

Image source: images.smh.com.au

No matter the season in Australia, it can get chilly at night. Once the sun goes down and the hot temperatures have dissipated, there are times you feel a slight chill in the air in your backyard. Whether you are throwing a party or just enjoying the night sky, no one wants to be chilled.

You also want to be able to see at night when you are in your backyard. With added light for ambience, you can see your lovely landscaping as well as the water feature and fire pit as you relax in your comfy outdoor chair.

Keep reading, and you will be informed of the seven simple ways to get your backyard feeling festive this season!



One way to keep a chilly night at bay in Victoria, Australia, is to have outdoor heaters on your patio. Whether you have a portable or stationary heat source, you will not be cold while entertaining in your backyard on chilly evenings!



Another way to have a festive terrace is with proper landscaping. Shrubs, flowers, and trees can make a yard feel inviting and cosy. A garden is very individual and can be customised to the colours and smells you enjoy. It makes it feel as if you have stepped from your typical day-to-day life to that of a lush, enjoyable area where you can get away and enjoy nature.



Privacy fences, regular fences, and barriers are another excellent way to make your backyard festive this season. A partition is especially useful because it is portable and can be moved around from area to area. It makes a great divider for kid’s games or to create a separate space for seating.



An enjoyable and festive feature of your backyard can include a fire pit. Fire pits should always be used when supervised by an adult if you have children in the house. A fire pit is an enjoyable way to relax at night outdoors. You not only get warmth from the fire but gazing into the flames can clear your mind of the typical stressors you have in your life currently.

It is also a great way to have fun with the kids. Making s’mores and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit make for great memories and traditions with children.


Water Feature

A grand exhibit to your backyard to make it vibrant and festive is to include a water feature of some sort. This could be a fountain or a small waterfall. The sound of rushing water is very soothing and can melt your stress away.

It is also a beneficial and thoughtful way to help the critters of your backyard. Whether the birds take a bath or butterflies get a drink of water, you can feel good knowing your water feature is assisting with nature.


Comfortable Furniture

Another way to stay festive this season in your backyard is with comfortable patio furniture. If you choose furniture that is weather resistant and comfortable, you will want to stay outdoors all night long.

It is when you purchase cheaper seats that you start to feel them digging into your bum, and that makes for a short night in the backyard. Be happy and relaxed this season with furniture you could take a nap on.



The last way to be festive in your garden this season is with lighting. This season to be joyful, hang some string lights over the patio to give the ambience of the holidays. Lighting is a great way to be festive as lights can convey the emotions we feel. Bright lights show happiness and cheer, while dim lights are more for relaxation and reflection. Make sure to choose the appropriate lighting for your backyard this season!


Why Does Your Backyard Need to Feel Festive?

A backyard is a place to get away from the everyday stressors in the home, at work, and on the roads. It is your own little nook to slip away to. It can recharge you and put things into perspective. You want your backyard to feel festive to encourage others to come and relax with you.


Whether you install a fire pit, outdoor heater, water feature, or any of the other suggestions that were mentioned in the article, you will have a beautiful and festive backyard all year long!




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