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Diverse perspectives to be shared in Mardi Gras ‘Queer Thinking’ program


If history has taught us one thing about discussion and debate, it is that some of the most interesting philosophies and theories, and the conversations that stem from these, have come from the minds of queer thinkers.

From Sappho and Plato, through Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde, to modern-day scribes like Jeanette Winterson and even the occasional cringeworthy quote from Milo Yiannopoulos, queer thinking has proven radical and pertinent, at times titillating and sometimes, only sometimes, in need of its own debunking (in the case of much of Milo’s guff, that is).

Discussion is that much more important when it comes to local community ideas and movements, and that is why the Queer Thinking program, hosted each year during Mardi Gras season, is a well-worthy one to highlight, underline and italicise.

This year, local and international leading thinkers and thought provocateurs from all walks of LGBTQI life will converge onto Carriageworks to present two exhilarating days of ideas, debate and panel discussions.

Over Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February, a variety of topics will be delved into, and various perspectives shared.

Highlights in the program include the Koori Gras’ Speakers Platform which is on at 11am Saturday 24 February, featuring guest speakers Dr Sandy O’Sullivan, Jacob Boehme, Cherish Blood and Brian Fuata; the Activists Show & Tell at 1.30pm Saturday, hosted by Julie McCrossin; and Trans Stories – 40 Years which is on at 7pm Saturday, and will feature speakers Mama Alto, AJ Brown, Karen Chant, Chrissy Doyle and other guests.

Queer Thinking Mardi Gras 2018 cream magazine @2x

On Sunday 25 February, the focus is on Queer Refugees at 1pm, moderated by Tina Dixson with panelists Roj Amedi, Kathryn Clark, Renee Dixson and Randa Kattan; while Activism and Radicalism from the AIDS Crisis to Today will be moderated by Nell Schofield and presented by various panellists from 4pm.

These are just a few examples of the panel discussions on during this year’s Queer Thinking program. For the full schedule, click the link below.  Antonino Tati


‘Queer Thinking 2018’ takes place over the weekend of Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February. For the full program, click here.

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