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Five stars for USPA wellbeing products

USPA Rejuvenating Contour Scrub

The beauty and wellbeing industries are going through a radical phase, where the pendulum is swinging away from nasty chemicals and back toward natural ingredients. Almost an alchemic approach to creating beauty products. Indeed, some of the latest potions and creams this scribe has tested lately have come with a list of ingredients that almost seem good enough to eat. But don’t worry, I won’t.

One such magnificent product arrived in the form of USPA’s Rejuvenating Contour Scrub, a tube packed with such natural goodness, I practically wanted to go to bed in it. With a blend of coffee grounds, sea kelp and crushed macadamia nut, I didn’t even need to use a loofah to rub the good stuff into my arms and limbs (although I admit I did need one to reach the arch of my back).

The blend creates a fantastic, gritty texture that works really well to rub off those dead skin cells, leaving my skin feeling smooth and supple.

Also in the Contour Scrub mix are essential oils of orange, camphor and vanilla, all which work to provide enriching nutrients and an invigorating combined aroma.

And a little bit certainly goes a long way. Just one small dollop, the size of a 50-cent coin, was all I needed to scrub myself neck to toe.

To moisturise, USPA’s Age-Defying Moisture Cream with Olive Leaf and Wild Plum is the definite way to go. Or you could just do with the following neat product.

USPA Thermal Treatment Oil

A Melbourne-born brand, USPA have also created a Thermal Treatment Oil that works as a moisturising agent while helping relief aching muscles. Rich in fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6 and 9) and packed with red pepper along with essential oils including Wintergreen, Menthol, Tangerine and Camphor, this product saw me throwing away all them nasty tubes of Dencorub and greasy little jars of Tiger Balm.

And here’s the best part. You know how when you might have applied a little of one of the aforementioned pain relief balms and your body temperature rises so that it feels like you’re burning up? Well, USPA’s Thermal Treatment Oil transforms quickly from warm to cool, leaving you feeling less like you’re in the middle of a hot flush and more like you’re in the midst of cool air-conditioning.

These are two products that I can absolutely vouch for. In fact, each gets five stars: one for the fact they’re Australian-made, one for their boasting of natural ingredients, one for the immediately visible positive results, one for their delicious scents, and, heck, one for the no-fuss application.  Antonino Tati


USPA Rejuvenating Contour Scrub, 125ml RRP $35.

USPA Thermal Treatment Oil, 125ml RRP $45.

Available at www.uspa.com.au or email info@uspa.com.au for your nearest stockist.

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