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Comedy for the little ‘uns

Kids Comedy - Interactive narrative audience volunteers with host Bert Maverick

Interactive comedy for the whole family is on every Saturday and Sunday as part of Fringe World Festival in the majestic surrounds of Perth Town Hall, with Kids Club Comedy featuring different guests per show.

Hosted by the energetic  Bert Maverick, the launch event featured Professor Frank from Oxfart  University with, you guessed it, fart jokes, having the kids on stage attempting their best fart faces, and sure to bring a giggle from the young ones so far as fart jokes do.

This was followed by Beau & Aero, the highlight of the show, a professional duo from Portland Oregon who delivered comic acrobatic slapstick that left the audience tickled with laughter. The bumbling aviators on an absurd quest for flight incorporate balloon tricks and visual gags in an uplifting whimsical spirit that easily wins the hearts of the audience.

Comedic duo with a knack for great puns, Beau & Aero.

Comedic duo with a knack for great puns, Beau & Aero.

Prior to the show in the lobby are fun wares for sale including badges and cards, and fun things to do like face-painting and other activities.

Kids Club Comedyis a great way to introduce children to live comedy and to give adults a taste of the famous comedy acts on offer during the Fringe Festival.  Check out the Pleasure Garden for other free family events.  Annette McCubbin


‘Kids Club Comedy’ is on at Perth Town Hall, Saturdays and Sundays from 2.30pm until February 25.

For more information, visit www.fringeworld.com.au.

Performance photography by Annette McCubbin.


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