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Glittery Clittery: all that glitters is absolute gold

Glittery Clittery @2x

What a hoot of fun the three fabulous divas deliver in Fringe World spectacle ‘Glittery Clittery’, celebrating the catch-cry “know your clittery” in clinging glittery costumes that scream ‘Ab Fab’-fashion time-warp.

Presented by Fringe Wives Club, the show is like a “cult feminist club” that dances and sings odes to feminism while also poking fun at, well, literally the clit. This is the side-splitting sexual education you never knew you needed.

The show creates a party atmosphere that is at once infectious, where Tessa at times channels a mix of Edina Monsoon and Bob Downe. Who wouldn’t appreciate such camp?

There are gyrating disco moves and self- effacing jokes, with sartorial lines like “oppression is exhausting”, “have a dick, don’t be a dick”, “be the vulva” and “lady boner”… well… you get the picture.

The award-winning performance artists (Rowena Hutson won Most Outstanding Comedy Artist at the Melbourne Fringe in 2016 and musical comic powerhouse VictoriaFalconer-Pritchard won a London Cabaret Award in 2015) deliver hilarious feminist quips, while mimicking female body parts, and all with clever comic timing that’s sure to jerk a teary laugh.

Glitery Clittery 02


Inviting audience participation in an educative quiz segment that takes the “cult” of feminist humour to an outrageously hilarious level, join the fabulousness of this charming party for true laughs and a little enlightenment. Indeed, you’ll learn sex anatomy facts about both genders that you never dreamed of!  Annette McCubbin


‘Glittery Clittery’ is on at The Gold Digger at Fringe Central January 27-31 and February 1-3.

Tickets are available at www.fringeworld.com.au.

Performance photography by Annette McCubbin.

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