Introducing Australia’s biggest online mega-mall

While thousands of retail outlets have been closing down due to low spending on the physical retail front, online sales continue to boom.

Introducing the Aussie Mega Mall, an online store that boasts 30,000 retail brands and that has just been named the biggest shopping ‘centre’ in Australia.

But the reason for the megastore’s sudden presence has more to do with wanting to battle foreign online brands rather than fill the niche created by so many physical stores shutting shop, according to CEO and Founder, Darryl Reeves.

Says Reeves, “The Aussie Mega Mall has been created as a fight back against the huge number of foreign stores coming into Australia and buying their way to the top of search engines. In a growing number of categories of retail, it is now getting difficult to get an Australian retailer on the first or second page of search engines. We aim to stop this because it’s detrimental to Australian businesses.”

With more than 30,000 stores being showcased, online shoppers are spoilt for choice, if not possibly overwhelmed.

The Aussie Mega Mall promises to showcase Australian only online stores.

Additionally, the site is 100% touch-interactive with absolutely no typing required, which is perfect for hand-held devices. Every store can be found on page one of the aisle of a shopper’s choosing and they look and work like an app.

Fast, simple, convenient and all with a nifty layout and design. What more could you want from your online shopping?  Ella-Marie Patteson


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