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Time doesn’t fly so much when you’re indoor skydiving…

00 iFly

If you think adventure lies only in exotic places far and away, think again. There’s fun to be had in your own backyard. Like indoor sky-diving, which is currently very much a ‘thing’.

Hire a maid for the day, and get thee quick to an indoor diving centre near you. You’ll feel like you’re a million miles away and yet…

Arriving in the foyer of Perth’s new indoor adventure playground, iFly, you’d think you’ve stepped into part headquarters of NASA.

Towering in the centre of the building is a giant transparent wind ‘tunnel’, a massive vacuum in which we would be taking our first indoor skydive.

After checking in, we sat in the waiting area watching as instructors flipped and swirled effortlessly around while helping students learn their aerial techniques. It looked a little tricky, but a whole lot of fun, so already we were feeling somewhat anxious.

It wasn’t until completing our safety briefing and costume change into very cool jumpsuits and safety gear that the real anticipation began to build. I could honestly not wait to get inside that tunnel, I mean, who doesn’t want to fly, right?

01 iFly

Previously, I had done two tandem skydives – like, the sort outdoors, in the real sky – so I was feeling fairly confident. For me outdoor skydiving is not too scary as the views from the skies are so beautiful, your mind is in such awe that you barely think of the worry. When you’re up 14,000 feet, you’re brain doesn’t really register the height. Weird, right? In saying that, the anticipation is what gets my adrenaline pumping, and I got that same feeling while waiting my turn in the tunnel. I had no idea what I was in for!

02 Roscoe flying

So my turn comes up, and I’m the first in our group and it feels like everyone is watching. Probably because they were. I have to fall face-first into the tunnel and let the wind catch me – it felt like one of those games of trust corporations put their staff through to ‘bond’.

I soon realised how bloody difficult it is just to stay afloat. My arms were flailing about; I was going up and down and into the side. Fortunately, I had the instructor there to help stabilise me, and once you’re floating on your belly, it’s a phenomenal experience. And suddenly spinning around to be flying ‘on your back’ is just as awesome a trip.

03 Roscoe flying upside down

In total, it felt like I was up there for two minutes per session, but the instructor assured me it had only been 60 seconds for each. I guess time slows down when you’re indoor skydiving.

On my second trip, I got to do the ‘high-fly’ where the instructor grabbed me by the leg and the arm, and swung me around the tunnel several times before flying to the top like a tornado at breakneck speed! On the way down I saw the floor approach very bloody quickly, and I stopped just before I splattered, caught by the wind. Phew!

My advice: if you’re going to do it, get the full iFly High experience (just $10 extra to be spun round to the top of the tunnel). To be there for an hour-and-a-half and not spin to the top like that would be a shame.

At $119, it seems somewhat expensive for an indoor activity that lasts only two minutes, but once you’ve done it the first time, you can purchase bigger time blocks, which makes each session a whole lot cheaper. And that’s a good thing, because this activity is addictive!


iFly Indoor Skydiving Perth is situated at 143 Great Eastern Highway, Rivervale. Bookings and enquiries on 1300 366 364.

iFly also have centres in Sydney’s West and on the Gold Coast, with more to open around the country in 2017.

For more information visit www.downunder.iflyworld.com.

04 Roscoe & Antonino with Skydive Instructor

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