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Naked ambition: magicians bare all, except for the secrets to their magic tricks

The Naked Magicians cream magazine @2x

No time was wasted getting down and dirty at The Naked Magicians show this weekend. A show that I’d highlighted, underlined and circled twice on the Fringe World calendar. Because they’re hot magicians. And they’re naked.

Right from the get-go, Mike Tyler (the brunette stud) and Christopher Wayne (the slightly fairer Macklemore lookalike) were quick with the cheeky quips, some even verging on X-rated. It didn’t matter what age you were in this audience (or what sex/gender, for that matter), you immediately zoned in on these two glorious hunks and their zany stage antics.

Both these guys have a chequered history in magic-making. Christopher was once a kids TV magician and then became the first Australian magician to have his own TV series, More Than Magic, while Magic Mike was once a competitive swimmer at the Pan Pacific Games who moved into performance art, performing over 250 “clothed” shows for the biggest companies and sporting teams in the country.

But delivering magic with most of their kit off is what these guys do best. They’re quick with the tricks, clever with the memory, and funny as hell – with their no-holds-barred delivery of comedy that is part slapstick, part very cerebral humour.

While some of the tricks were your run-of-the-mill sleight-of-hand kind, being shown by a couple of guys who strip fully naked by the end of the show, you’re kind of not focusing too much on the magic, anyway.

Heck, The Naked Magicians could have been blowing bubbles from one of those plastic thingamajiggies you can buy from toy shops, and I’d still have watched for a full 70 minutes.

The audience participation was entertaining to watch, too, with female participants in particular not seeming to care if the guys had to, say, tuck a tissue down their top, or move their hand over one of the dude’s butts.

It was quite refereshing, actually, to see a little sexuality expressed on stage without the drama and guilt that has entered the public vernacular in recent times. Be warned, though: these magicians pull a lot more out of a black top-hat than a humble rabbit!

And it’s not that these guys don’t respect the opposite sex. They just want them to let loose a little more. And the audience is loving being witness to the cheeky ride.  Antonino Tati


The Naked Magicians are on at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco for one more night Saturday 03 February.

Tickets available through www.ticketek.com.au but get in quick!

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