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Marcel Lucont Cabaret Fantastique @2x

Smug-looking lounge host Marcel Lucont is as you might expect, a typical rude French bastard, but the show wouldn’t be as amusing if he was anything else. Ever-so cool, Marcel and his quirky cabaret crew put on a fantastic, funny show.

The host opens the show with his sardonic, quick-witted style. Laidback and hilariously unfazed, if you’re lucky to catch his eye he will (more than likely) spray you with a cutting observation. Yet he has that admirable blend of being cheekily cutting but without being too nasty.

Like a modern-day love child between Hugh Hefner and Ed Sullivan, and with that hilarious French suave accent, Marcel introduces his fabulous array of cabaret performers whom rotate per show.

On this night each cabaret act was, in order, funny, sexy, agile and with one act being somewhat perplexing.

Star guest Gretel Killeen performs her own inimitable stand-up comedy to a delighted audience, in between having hosted her own show at the Ice Cream Factory (The Love Love Klub featuring Gretel and the Gretskys).

Ridiculous humour, blended with clever physical antics, presented by a host with impromptu comic genius, is a great way to spend your summer evening at the ideal time of night.

Lots of laughs, lots of fun, and great value for money.  Michael Mastess


‘Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique’ is on at The Gold Digger until February 24, show starts 10.30pm nightly.

Tickets are available through www.fringeworld.com.au

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