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Fringe gets its sexy on…

One of the sexy studs from 'Elixir' impress as part of the Circuscision Fringe World 'taster' show.

One of the sexy studs from ‘Elixir’ impress as part of the Circuscision Fringe World ‘taster’ show.

Delectable morsels of the hottest circus superstars were offered in the Fringe World production Circuscision, a variety of acrobatic striptease, ‘pensioner sex’ poetry, incredible cabaret, and digital comic magic.

As a whole, the show is a visual assault of late night shenanigans; tasters of various shows on the Fringe calendar that provoke you into wanting to see more of each act. And see more we do!

The gorgeous men from Elixir certainly make your taste buds quiver with their studly, masculine perfection, performing incredible eye-popping circus stunts that cheekily shed more than just their sweat (check out the pic above, for starters!). Some might say some their maneouvres are offensive – but in the nicest possible way. In fact, the moves these guys make are at times weird, hilarious, clever, sexy, but always astonishing.

There are many circus acts on offer at Fringe, but there is something deeply satisfying about a morsel of yumminess that delivers beyond expectations – even if the apparatus used has been around for a century! Welcome to postmodern circus magic: served with sizzle and with a smile (yet another tasty layer of texture).

As expected, sexy outfits adorn sexy bodies, and Circuscision sees cool costuming matched with mood music and intelligent lighting. Heck, the production even incorporates intertextual references to television and pop culture (eg: Game of Thrones) to amuse the audience and give them something familiar before the unfamiliar and fabulous kicks in.

The sensual encounters are not limited to the men; two female circus acts, both very different and very talented, seize the stage in their own unique way. Viewing these fine artists from the vantage point of just a few metres is quite the privilege… After all, you never get to see Cirque Du Soleil this up-close.

Marcel Lucont Cabaret Fantastique @2x

Cheeky but suave cabaret act Marcel Lucont (say that surname slowly and you’ll get this guy’s gist).

Next up is Marcel Lucont, who has already enjoyed presenting a couple of shows on the Fringe calendar and next gives us his ‘Cabaret Fantastique’. The guy’s name says it all, really – if you say it slooowly. Lucont is proudly French, abrupt, rude, but oh-so amusing and charming, that you forgive this tour de force very quickly. His quirky cabaret crew put on a fantastic and funny production (review online soon) and Marcel himself is always sardonic and quick-witted but with obvious spunk and excess style.

In sum, if you’ve booked to see the spectacle of the hottest men in circus in Elixir, or an intimate evening of witty but naughty banter with the suave Marcel Lucont, then fortunate you. Prepare to enjoy a most scrumptious main course of circus-come-cabaret activity.  Annette McCubbin


Note, two of the acts described in this review have continuing shows at Fringe World.

‘Elixir’ is on at the West Australian Spiegeltent until February 25; show starts 7pm nightly.

‘Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique’ is on at The Gold Digger until February 24, show starts 10.30pm nightly.

Tickets are available through www.fringeworld.com.au

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