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‘Happy’ comic delivers refreshingly joyful stand-up

Happy Nicky Wilkinson @2x

‘Happy’ is exactly how you’ll feel during Nicky Wilkinson’s unique stand-up act of the same name.

I love to see women on stage cracking the jokes, especially one as refreshing, friendly, honest and down-to-earth as Wilkinson, who wins over the audience with her sweet charm and well, her free pies and party favours!

Taking us back to our childhood love of party games, we are all exclusive guests at Nicky’s party where the audience interacts in every segment, treated like old mates and competing in two teams for prizes.

The Quiz segment sports a member of each team with fun questions that ultimately lead to laugh-out-loud anecdotes. While merging two party favourites, Pass-the-Parcel and Bingo, the audience and stage volunteers enjoy lollipops and kiddy treats, as the stage antics amuse.

Nicky delves into what it is that makes her happy, explaining how she brainstormed her state of joy which she presents in the form of a ‘Happy Display Chart’, the backbone of her experiential storytelling. Each example is a word/thing that forms the crux of her gag or sketch.

While well-organised with these ideas on her happy chart, Nicky still imbues impromptu wit, working in audience suggestions with playful humour. This comic is definitely one to watch.

The chance to abandon the pressures of adulthood, if only for an hour, and to relish in our childhood memories of being “happy” at parties, is rarely afforded these days.

So, if you are a little over filthy smut and cringe-worthy extremes, and vulgarity is not your piece of cake, then celebrate an intimate fun-filled evening with a lovable host, where you’ll not only take home free treats, but the realisation that being truly happy is a state of mind we should all strive for and cherish.  Annette McCubbin

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