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An all-Australian, all-natural beauty regime



Sukin beauty products have always stood out on the shelves this particular shopper, namely because of the brand’s logo looking all rustic compared to the clinical looking aesthetics of other contemporary beauty brands. But also because the products are always affordable and, upon closer inspection, you’ll find the following fabulous facts:

Sukin products are all Australian-made, all-natural, and rich in nutritional ingredients to help revitalise the face and body. But the ‘No’ list gets even longer and more impressive, with each product promising no synthetic fragrance, no artificial colouring, no animal derivatives, no petrolatum, nor silicones,sulphates or phythatlates… Do I need to go on further to impress?

Recently, I decided to try a whole batch of products in a dedicated regime, starting out with my own usual cleanser and toner, then warming a couple of drops of Sukin’s Purely Ageless Elixir ($24.95) in the palm of my hands and applying over the face. You’ll be surprised how such a little of this oil goes a long way, being rich in vitamins A and E, plus Paracress Extract which acts to deliver immediate hydration.

I followed this with a small amount of Intensive Firming Serum ($24.95) that is packed with Acacia Gum, White Hibiscus, Baobab and Ribose. The serum not only helps firm the skin, but leaves it smelling delish.

Under the eyes, I add a dab of Sukin’s Reviving Eye Cream ($19.95), followed by a thin layer of Rejuvenating Day Cream ($22.95) over the face, neck and shoulders – et voila, I’m blissfully hydrated for the heavy day ahead.

It’s not even been two weeks, and I’ve already noticed a subtle decrease in lines and wrinkles.

And to me, that’s pure magic!  Lisa Andrews


For more information or to buy online, visit www.sukinorganics.com

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