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Stop the melodrama: the real reason Johnny Depp looks 'ill'

Johnny Depp 'looking ill' with fan number one.

Johnny Depp ‘looking ill’ with fan number one. Pic via Instagram.

Over the weekend, the media went into overdrive about why Johnny Depp hasn’t been looking well lately. Indeed the actor has been photographed with fans, spotted on Instagram looking pale, skinny, gaunt, and green around the gills – literally.

Fans went into a frenzy online, wondering what is happening to their once relatively robust idol.

“Is Johnny Depp on chemotherapy? Please get well,” wrote one fan.

“He looks ill, poor Johnny,” messaged another.

The star 'looking ill' with fan number two. Pic via Instagram.

The star ‘looking ill’ with fan number two (or quite possibly his PR rep). Pic via Instagram.

The mainstream media took a different tactic and began contemplating all the reasons why Depp might be looking so unwell, referencing stressful legal woes (Depp is in court against former management over claims they mismanaged his millions), disputes with staff (he is being sued by former bodyguards who claim he forced them to work in a toxic environment), a decadent cocaine habit, and even referencing the possibility of cancer.

But here’s the real reason Johnny looks so unwell… He is currently in Russia filming his new movie Richard Says Goodbye, in which he plays the lead role of a college professor diagnosed with a terminal illness. Simple as that. Yes, he may be on a bad diet and some hardcore drugs to get down to that down-and-out haggard look, but heck, consider it method acting to the extreme.

Of all the armchair philosophy floating about, one fan cottoned on to this sole solid theory, stating “It’s really for a movie. He’s playing a terminally ill person… he even shaved his eyebrows.”

So, fans and followers, fear not, for your idol is not terribly unwell but instead going full mega method on us. We’re certain that after the new movie wraps, he’ll be back on a burger diet, on less intense drugs, and in usual Johnny form.

As for the moral of this story: keep in mind who best to believe when negative news about a star breaks the net – the old-school media or said star’s better-informed fans? We’ll pick the latter, thanks.  Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati


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