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Well hello amorous looking wristlet…

If you’ve not come across the work of comic genius Deven Green yet, you’re missing out on something absofuckinglutely hilarious.

Taking the mickey out of everything from shameless celebrity endorsements to insane politics on the conservative side of the aisle, this comedienne is anything but green when it comes to delivering the ironic goods. And she sings and plays a mean ukulele, too.

One of Deven’s most potent piss-takes is of fading ’80s soap starlet Brenda Dickson, with Green’s Welcome To My Home video series garnering hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube, while her voiceover clips of Melania Trump ought to have the First Lady of faux pas quaking in her clickety-clopping Blahniks.

A bunch of these clips are now available for you to keep, all saved onto a nifty USB drive that doubles up as an attractive wristlet (or cock-ring, if you like).

Slide the wristlet apart and discover the insanely perverse world of Deven Green, packed with plenty of fabuloush music and ironic comedy.  Antonino Tati


Deven Green wristlet available for $25 to be shipped anywhere in the US (or grab one for $20 at one of Deven’s live shows). For international enquiries, write to DevenGreen@gmail.com.

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