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Katy Perry depressed over bad reviews of ‘Witness’ album

Katy Perry @2x

So this week, Katy Perry said she suffered from ‘situational depression’ after some of the public and quite a few critics expressed they didn’t like her latest album Witness.

Perry told Vogue magazine, “I have had bouts of situational depression and my heart was broken last year because, unknowingly, I put so much validity in the reaction of the public [to Witness] and the public didn’t react in the way I had expected to … which broke my heart.”

I mean come on… If every pop star got down about bad record reviews, there wouldn’t be enough psychologists in the world to counsel them.

If an album is shoddy, Katy, we suggest you simply move on and make the next one better. It’s commercial art, darling, that’s all.

As for ego, which is definitely part of the issue here, Cream decided to pull some quotes from our archives by famous folk being sensitive (or not) over what the critics say about their work…


“I’m not always prepared for the adulation and I’m not always prepared for the criticism. Actually, I try not to read anything. The adulation is not good enough, and the criticism is too bad.”  Robbie Williams


“There’s always going to be criticism, no matter what you’re doing, but I hope they’ll appreciate the artistic statement as well. When I first simulated sex, it was pretty much what the song [For Your Entertainment] was about. I figured if these people want to be weirded out by it, then fine.”  Adam Lambert


“Twitter is like fan mail and YouTube comments remind me of when management used to bring in a stack of press clippings. There are too many crazy opinions online and it would make anybody schizophrenic to try to consider all of them.  Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend


“There’s a lot of anger on the net and I think a lot of that anger comes from the repression of people not being free to really be themselves. But it’s on the net – where people should feel they can be themselves.”  Paloma Faith


“I don’t know what you’re thinking. I am not adult contemporary. Boy, I am urban.”  Mariah Carey


“Will it really matter at the end of my days how many records I’ve sold, or how many times I was number one on the chart, or how pretty or foxy or how popular I was?”  Madonna


“There was this department store in New York with a doll in the window made up as me. I hadn’t seen it so I went along to have a gander. And the people next to me started talking about RuPaul this and RuPaul that. It was the weirdest feeling because a part of me wanted to stay and listen, and a part of me wanted to run away before I heard something I didn’t want to hear.”  RuPaul


“I’d love to be a movie star and have my name on posters and photographs 40 feet high, but you’ve got to work so hard at the acting. It’s not my profession. Russell Crowe can sleep safely.”  David Bowie


“You know, just because you’re known as something by the press it doesn’t mean you are [that]. They make some reference to your lyrics being dark and that’s the end of it. I have to say, I’ve written some of the most light-infused lyrics around.”  Nick Cave


“Every time anybody tells a story about you, of course it’s going to hurt. And then you choose whether to read it or not. You kind of learn not to care, because if you really got bogged down about it you’d listen to what everybody says about you.”  Mel B


All quotes feature in the music interview anthology There’s Your Quote, Mate published through New Holland.

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