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Ruby Rose cast as Batwoman in DC crossover series: world’s first lesbian superhero

Ruby Rose Cream Magazine cr @2x

Australian personality Ruby Rose is certain to see her star rise higher in Hollywood, having just been cast to play Batwoman in a DC Comics crossover show on US television, the first show to feature a lesbian superhero.

Rose’s Batwoman will flutter in a crossover series between four of the network’s DC-based shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

Meanwhile, the network that hosts all of these shows, The CW, is contemplating an entire series around Rose’s Batwoman character, an out-and-proud lesbian and ardent street fighter, helping to stamp crime out of Gotham City. The standalone show, if it goes ahead, will air sometime in 2020.

Ruby Rose Cream Magazine @2x

Ruby Rose in a Cream interview, November 2008.

All this superhero action is a far cry from Ruby Rose’s early days as a VJ on Australian cable television (MTV, to be exact). She was quickly whipped up by American producers to star as Stella in Orange Is The New Black, then appeared in films such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, xXx and John Wick: Chapter 2. The rest, as they say, is herstory.

“When I’m hung over, or I’m going to the gym, I pull my hair back and go incognito.”

In a Cream interview in 2008, Ruby said on the subject of being spotted in public, “People don’t recognise me with my fringe pulled back. It’s great because when I’m hung over, or am going to the gym, I pull my hair back and go incognito.”

With the rising spotlight on this star, we doubt she’ll be going incognito for much longer.  Antonino Tati


Ruby Rose photographed by Matt Ware for Cream Magazine. Styling by Anika Walker. Makeup by Sue Marshall. Hair by James Nickelson.

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