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Indie comedy film festival for Perth

WoA @2x

We love comedy. We love film. And we especially love when the two art forms are combined.

The Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival endeavours to present films that change viewers’ perceptions of the world. And no program does this better than this year’s.

Celebrating new and innovative, independent filmmakers, comic masterpieces this year include Carnal Privilege, about a group of vegans primed for their big break at an event called ‘Veg-Fest’ who hit a kangaroo on their way there (ouch), and Windscreens: The Australian Dream (still image, above), about the competitive (and often absurd) life of car windscreen cleaners.

Yes, if it’s niche, you’ll likely find it covered here.  Michael Mastess


The ‘Over The Fence’ Comedy Film Festival is on in Perth for two nights only: Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August at SLWA in Northbridge.

For tickets go to www.overthefence.com.au.

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