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Sky’s the limit… but ground is the destination

VS @2x

If you’ve ever been skydiving, you can vouch for the thrills the sport provides. But have you ever heard of vertical skydiving?

This is where a huge group of people fly in formation upside down, all at the same time. It’s like synchronised skydiving, if you will.

The current world record for vertical skydiving was set three years ago at Skydive Chicago and included 164 people.

This year, 200 folks will be jumping from a height of 19,000 feet.

To try and break that record, this year 200 folks will be taking on the task (or pleasure, depending on how you look at it) of jumping from a height of 19,000 feet, using nine planes to carry so many people.

The event will take place across the skies of Chicago this Monday 13th August.

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Twenty-three Australians are participating, including West Australian skydiver Sam Millington, who says, “I think the quota of Aussies selected for this is real proof that Australia is starting to lead the way in skydiving as a sport. I know I’ll be doing my best to help win this record.”

All eyes up to the skies, then.  Lisa Andrews


For more information go to www.skydivechicago.com/vwr or visit www.ifly.com.au

And for the ultimate indoor skydiving experience, try iFLY with locations across Australia.

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