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YouTube sensation Miranda Sings scores a comedy special on Netflix

Miranda Sings Netflix Comedy Special @2x

Her hair is perpetually tortured; her lipstick tragically smudged; and her diction regularly goes flying out the window. But she’s a legend in her own mind. She’s the loser everybody loves to diss but secretly wishes they were, because, you know, she is Miranda Sings.

Also known as Colleen Ballinger to her Mom, Miranda is the YouTube sensation who started out with a simple clip posted online of her singing, like, really badly. The video went gangbusters and before you knew it, she’d published a self-help book (actually titled Selp-Helf) and landed her own Netflix series.

A relative success, the show titled Haters Back Off ran for two seasons, each episode as absurd as the next, keeping Miranda fans happy while it lasted.

She’s the loser everybody loves to diss but secretly wishes they were.

Miranda Sings 02

While the show is now cancelled, Netflix has granted Ballinger her own ‘Miranda Sings Comedy Special’.

And with 1.7 billion views of her videos so far online, it kind of makes sense.

Speaking of which, check out Miranda’s self-made clip promoting her own comedy special. And one more time, yes, haters back off.  Antonino Tati





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