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A fundraising campaign that ticks lots of boxes on the to-do list

A Roast To Remember 01 @2x

It feels good getting through a to-do list, but how often are the following items put off for a long time?


__ Organise catch-up dinner with friends

__ Catch up with parents and family

__ Do something different for charity

__ Get into cooking more


Now, imagine you could tick all four of these off the to-do list in one fell swoop. If you like that idea, then you ought to be thinking about taking part in the very clever charity event ‘A Roast To Remember’.

The premise is simple. The good people at Community Vision would like to increase awareness and conversation about Australians living with dementia, which is the second leading cause of death in our country. To do this, they figured a good old-fashioned roast might do the trick.

A Roast To Remember 02 @2x

A new campaign by Community Vision encourages folks to get friends and family together for ‘A Roast To Remember’ this Spring, to help fundraise for a much-needed community bus that will offer West Australians who suffer from dementia transport, respite and peace of mind.

This much-needed mode of transport will focus on the wider community who don’t have immediate access to local services so as they can make their way to and fro trialling newer innovations, such as virtual reality therapy, now being adopted to help relieve part of the symptoms of dementia.

For many of us, a delicious roast is the epitome of a good family meal and it has been found that even the smell of good cooking can help lift spirits and make a difference in hard times.

So, how can you take part? By either of the following:


  • Host your own roast meal and collect donations from guests. These donations can then be sent to aroasttoremember.com.au.
  • Enjoy a roast meal at a participating OZeating restaurant. See the link here for participating restaurants.
  • Purchase a WAfoodies membership and $5 will go to ‘A Roast To Remember’, plus you’ll save hundreds a year on dining out.
  • Go into your nearest Commonwealth Bank and simply make a donation.
  • Or visit aroasttoremember.com.au and make a donation there.


Lots of options. Lots of to-do boxes ticked. What’s there not to love about doing this particularly good deed?  Antonino Tati


‘A Roast To Remember’ is being conducted through all of Spring.

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