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The official trailer for ‘Heathers’ just dropped and it’s killer, like, literally

Heathers @2x

Stan has announced it will premiere Heathers, the pitch-black satirical comedy series based on the cult classic film, on September 28, with all episodes dropping at once.

The ten-part series is set in the present day and follows newbie Veronica Sawyer as she deals with a different but just-as vicious group of ‘Heathers’, led by the fashionable yet cutthroat Heather Chandler and her sidekicks Heather Duke and Heather McNamara.

The much-anticipated reboot is packed with more conflama than an Untucked bitch match on RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s got the conflict, the drama, plus political incorrectness to boot and plenty of laugh. But don’t go mentioning irony because, as Heather Chandler will tell you, “We’re not doing that anymore”.


The series stars Melanie Field, Jasmine Mathews and Brendan Scannell as the new group of Heathers, Grace Victoria Cox as Veronica, and boasts a retro-esque cast of cameos including Shannen Doherty (who portrayed Heather Duke in the original film), Selma Blair, Kurt Fuller and Deanna Cheng.

View the killer trailer, below.  Lisa Andrews


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