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‘Civilization VI’ coming to Nintendo Switch

The first time I played Civilization was off a floppy disk back in 1994, although the title had been around since 1991. Even back then Sid Meier’s point-and-click PC game was amazing – like, both figuratively and literally.

The last time I played Civilization was again on PC, but just last month. The graphics were a thousand per cent better, the adventure options aplenty, and there was even an option to plant a civilization anywhere on our own great nation (except Tasmania, weirdly enough). It seems Australian gamers are such fans of the franchise, we finally got our own place on the gamer map.

Now comes news that Civilization VI is arriving, to be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch platform, and turn-based strategy fans are waiting with bated breath for the release date of November 16, 2018.

Civilization VI will still allow players to build empires, research technologies, and conquer enemies as one of history’s most renowned leaders (take your pick from a variety of bad boys and good guys).

Scenarios include setting up a trading empire as Cleopatra, engaging in diplomacy a la Mahatma Gandhi, or running business the radical Roman way as Julius Caesar.

The Switch port of Civ VI will include latest updates and improvements, and will feature four pieces of additional content: a Vikings Scenario Pack, a Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack; a Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack; and, yassss, the Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack.

News of the game’s release date in Australia to come.  Antonino Tati

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