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Doug Anthony Allstars reunite for two-part docu-series on the ABC

Richard Fidler, Paul Livingston, Paul McDermott and Tim Ferguson (front) credit Mark Rogers @2x

The Doug Anthony Allstars were comedic superstars constantly in the Australian psyche through the late ’80s and much of the ’90s, heck even some of the ’00s, until Tim Ferguson unexpectedly pulled the plug, breaking the hearts of Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler.

Years later they discovered Tim had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and put aside their differences to reunite and live the glory days again.

A new two-part documentary series, Tick F***ing Tock, will screen from Tuesday 2 October at 9.30pm on ABC & ABC iview, chronicling the story of the bad boys of Aussie comedy and, for the first time, confronting how Tim’s MS has impacted on their friendships and presence in the limelight.

The series is being tagged “an enduring love story between Tim and Paul, two of our greatest creative minds with the same confrontational attitude they’ve always had”… All the while knowing that time is not on their side – hence, Tick F***ing Tock.

“You can’t help seeing what’s going on between these two guys,” says Paul Livingston, “and how long they’ve been together; what they’ve been through; and they’re still going through. It’s a really moving thing for the audience, you know I’ve got to admit it, it occasionally gets to me as well.”


‘Tick F***ing Tock’ screens from Tuesday 2 October at 9.30pm on ABC & ABC iview.

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