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Rock’s ‘Prince of Darkness’ Nick Cave to host Q&A sessions across the country

Nick Cave @2x

Rock poet, legendary muso, Prince of Darkness, and oft-times arrogant prick, Nick Cave has announced he will return to Australia in January 2019 for a series of special in-conversation shows.

The Bad Seeds frontman will host candid Q&A sessions across the country, also throwing in some solo piano performances of classic Cave songs.

Already having hosted similar shows in the US and Ireland, the loose format was inspired by a “deep connection” Cave says he experienced with fans during his 2017 world tour.

“I thought that a direct conversation with the audience might be valuable – in the recent live shows we have all shown a kind of willingness to open up. The audience tends to ask more challenging, revealing, playful and ultimately serious questions. You never know what you are going to get. They can be fearless and they can go deep.”

So start making note of your burning questions, but don’t go too deep, for as Nick once told Cream, “You know, just because you’re known as something by the press it doesn’t mean you are [that]. They make some reference to your lyrics being dark and that’s the end of it. I have to say, I’ve written some of the most light-infused lyrics around.”

Then again, he also said, “Look, unless you’ve got serious suicide on the way, don’t listen to my stuff.”

His tongue firmly planted in his cheek, I assume.  Antonino Tati


Conversations with Nick Cave 2019 Australian Tour

Tickets on sale 9am Thursday, 18th October

Saturday, 5th January
Performing Arts Centre, Wangaratta
Tickets: Official Website

Sunday, 6th January
Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Tickets: Official Website

Tuesday, 8th January
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Sydney
Tickets: Sydney Opera House

Friday, 11th January
HOTA, Gold Coast
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 12th January
Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 19th January
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Tuesday, 22nd January
Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide
Tickets: Official Website

Wednesday, 23rd January
Perth Concert Hall, Perth
Tickets: Official Website


Nick Cave kicks off the music interview compilation ‘There’s Your Quote, Mate’ by Cream magazine editor Antonino Tati, available through New Holland Publishers, as well as through AmazonBooktopiaDymocks.

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