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The year (so far) in review… in the style of horror film poster art

00. Kylie Jenner's Rosemary's Baby @2x

We love a good bit of irony in modern art, which is why kudos must go to Melbourne-based creative platform 99designs for getting into the Halloween spirit and inviting artists to turn this year’s big news moments into classic horror film poster art.

From leadership spills to infant-like presidents, mystery pregnancies to incessant tweeting, see if you can make the political and pop cultural connections below.

There’s plenty that points to Brexit, and even a little shade thrown the way of big-mouth businessman Elon Musk.

Anyway, enjoy the horror show…

Antonino Tati


01. Kylie Jenner's PR fuelled is-she-isn't-she pregnancy dramas, inspired by Rosemary's Baby by nevergohungry 99designs

↑ Kylie Jenner’s PR fuelled “Is-she-isn’t-she?” pregnancy dramas; poster inspired by ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ by nevergohungry | 99designs.


02. Kanye's Tweets

↑ There are just so many of them and they’re swarming all around! The incessant tweeting of Kanye West; poster inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ by BATHI | 99designs.


03. The true terror of Brexit is only just beginning... Inspired by The Exorcist - by subsiststudios 99designs

↑ The true terror of Brexit is only just beginning; poster inspired by ‘The Exorcist’ by subsiststudios | 99designs.


04. An American Werewolf in London_99designs_ELM

↑ A monster from one end of the Atlantic makes an unwanted visit to the other side; poster inspired by ‘An American Werewolf in London’ by ELM | 99designs.


05. Get Out_99designs_ERosner

↑ More horror from the Brexit camp; poster inspired by ‘Get Out’ by E. Rosner | 99designs.


06. A leadership spill drama worthy of Night of the Living Dead - by RVST 99designs

↑ A leadership spill that pans out like a nightmare come to life; poster inspired by ‘Night of the Living Dead’ by RVST | 99designs.


07. Starman (Alien)_99designs_jestyr37

↑ Brash and inventive genius? Or business mogul who should keep his big mouth shut? Poster inspired by ‘Alien’ by jestyr37 | 99designs.


08. Baby Trump (IT)_99designs_Pinch Studios

↑ It likes to bite the heads off children too; poster inspired by ‘It’ by Pinch Studios | 99designs.


09. The Fab Five (The Lost Boys)_99designs_nevergohungry

↑ Queer visibility in television grew monstrously large this year; poster inspired by ‘The Lost Boys’ by nevergohungry | 99designs.

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