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Kate Bush swiftly removes Rolf Harris’ contributions to her ‘Aerial’ LP… and rightly so

Kate Bush Aerial @2x

As Kate Bush sang herself, a woman’s work is never done. And so even though she completed and released her brilliant album Aerial many moons ago, she’s gone back to it this week to make two big changes.

Kate has removed Rolf Harris’ spoken word performance on the track An Architect’s Dream as well as his singing contribution to the song The Painter’s Link, replacing these with vocals by her own son Bertie.

Kate’s change of heart was inspired no doubt by the fact that Harris was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault several years ago and sentenced to prison.

While puritan fans tend to not like artists changing an album’s original gist, we’re fairly certain many will agree this to be a special case and that Kate has done the kosher thing.

Rolf Harris also features on Kate’s 1982 album The Dreaming, on which he played didgeridoo on the title track. This particular performance seems to have remained intact on the 2018 remaster of the album but may be plucked out by Kate to be edited out also.

Antonino Tati

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