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We’re really not sure about GQ’s ‘Men of the Year’…


We’re not sure why Joel Edgerton looks so uncomfortable on the cover of GQ’s Men of the Year edition which hit newsstands today. We’re not sure why he looks so chunky, despite being airbrushed to a tee. We’re not sure why he’s been made to look like Russell Crowe – after a trip to Betty Ford. We’re not sure why his hair looks so naff, or why his left eye looks like just having suffered a stroke. We’re not even sure why he’s been voted in as Man of the Year. And as for the paisley black suit? Isn’t GQ meant to be a magazine promoting men’s style? We get that men might want to suit up old-school-style to start to gain the respect of women after the advent of #MeToo but to go all the way stuffed-penguin?

Anyhoo, GQ Australia celebrated its 20th Anniversary last night and its 12th annual GQ Men of the Year Awards, with 20 trophies given out at a black-tie party held in Sydney.

According to the magazine’s publishers, contenders were picked for their “leading by example”, their “striving for positive change”, and for “achieving great success in their chosen field”.

Why American model-come-actor-come-singer-we’ve-not-seen-or-heard-much-of Lucky Blue Smith is sitting at number three makes our minds boggle. For gods’ sake, the guy’s Wiki page states that his “modeling career especially took off after he dyed his hair platinum blond at his agent’s advice”. Suffice to say, he’s a dodgy choice for international icon.

The only dude I can relate to is cutie Dacre Montgomery, who took out the gong for TV Actor of the Year but even Dacre’s only stood out so far as a dumb psycho stud on Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, former Aussie cricketer Michael Clarke scored the title of ‘GQ Legend’ which is odd after a year involving ball tampering scandals and other such stuff, despite Clarke’s lack of involvement.

The rest of the list reads like a Who’s-Not-Very-Who, with categories as schizophrenically slapped-together as ‘Breakthrough Fashion Brand of the Year’ followed by ‘Special Humanitarian Award’; the list rounded off with  ‘Breakthrough Chef of the Year’ (to cash in on the relentless foodie craze, of course).

If GQ is a magazine mainly about style, then perhaps it should stick to praising men who possess that quality and not try to probe into deeper areas for the sake of appearing charitable or on-point.

These awards would be far better served if catered to the bearded hipsters and sporting studs who grace the magazine’s pages for most of the rest of the year.

Lisa Andrews




  1. GQ Man of the Year – Joel Edgerton
  2. GQ Woman of the Year – Elizabeth Debicki
    3. International Man of Style – Lucky Blue Smith
    4. International Woman of the Year – Emily Ratajkowski
    5. Actor of the Year – Keiynan Lonsdale
    6. TV Actor of the Year – Dacre Montgomery
    7. Creative Force – Cameron Bloom
    8. Sportsman of the Year – Robert Whittaker
    9. Team of the Year – Australian Invictus Games Team
    10. Sporting Legend – Kurt Fearnley
    11. GQ Legend – Michael Clarke
    12. Media Personality – Todd Sampson
    13. Breakthrough Sportsman of the Year – Ben Simmons
    14. Social Force – Andy Ridley
    15. Breakthrough Fashion Brand of the Year – Double Rainbouu
    16. Special Humanitarian Award – Walk Free Foundation
    17. Outstanding Achievement in Journalism – Hedley Thomas
    18. Breakthrough Artist of the Year – Jamie Preisz
    19. Innovation Award – Seabin Project
    20. Breakthrough Chef of the Year – Josh Niland

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