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‘Le Aerial’ delivers ‘romacrobatics’ with a cool retro soundtrack

Circus and romance? What’s not to love?

A fresh name on the Fringe program, albeit a bastardised one, Le Aerial, is a cool showcase of strength and beauty that presents awesome duo routines incorporating the usual apparatus: chains, ropes, silk, bars.

The season opened with a sell-out show and killer soundtrack: operatic-like singing and graceful acrobatics-meets-dance which wowed the audience.

What is truly refreshing is the beautiful voice of the male singer and how romantic and sensual it makes the show’s mood, straying from the usual louder-than-thunder/lightning sound and mirrors you typically hear under a Fringe World tent.

The vintage yet bold music choices range from Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game to Tears for Fears numbers, delivered more like love odes and keeping the predominantly Gen X crowd happy.

At its slow pace, the singing was soothing, allowing the audience to focus on the daring, eye-opening circus stunts that left us gasping as the performers would drop head-first from ceiling to floor, just to be stopped short on a taut silk ribbon; bravado and elegance combined.

Dominatrix outfits and raunchy choreography aside, the acts were sexy, but not too cheeky.

But two words: Theme, people.

Le Aeriel‘s performers are no doubt talented, and the show as a whole rather remarkable, but the entire production is a bit of a strange mix due to not having an obvious theme or real connection to the score. The production is, however, a great way to begin Fringe and will leave you wanting more.

The first two nights sold out fast, so fans of romacrobatics, get in quick. ★★★

Annette McCubbin

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