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Mind-boggling magic with a futuristic social message

If you love high tech and magic you will love Fringe show Charlie Caper. In his show Robotricks, the two are cleverly intertwined to present a highly enjoyable and unique sci-fi, robotic extravaganza.

Charlie has built his own AI robotics that act as intriguing and hilarious side-kicks, as he weaves magic spells using his advanced technology like no other show I’ve seen. These mini ‘bots are so cute, I for one wanted to take one home with me.

Winner of Sweden’s Got Talent, Charlie will amaze you with every techno gadget and every sleight of hand, while his cute ‘bots interact in timely precision to deliver mind-boggling entertainment with a futuristic social message.

In the style of cabaret meets magical illusion, the show is one of a kind, and Charlie is charming and incredibly clever marrying AI with the arts.

Sure there’s the occasional glitch – as is the case with all technology – but Charlie manages to overcome it without the broader audience’s knowledge while seamlessly making the show go on,

It takes gumption and quick thinking to pull off and master any entertainment that relies on technology, but this is next level stuff.

Tip: Keep a sharp eye on this guy’s bow tie; you’ll surely be outwitted as we were and eventually appreciate it’s, well, tie-in.

All up, Charlie Caper Robotics is a show that’ll leave you warm, fuzzy and amazed. ★★★★

Annette McCubbin


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