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WIN! Tasty prize packs courtesy of The Spice Tailor

Summer can be a hectic time of the year – fitting in holidays, sporting, partying, all that fab festival stuff. It’s a wonder we have time to watch Marie Kondo, let alone emulate her. And don’t get us started on keeping up with those MasterChefs…

Oh time, why is there never enough of you?

That’s where The Spice Tailor comes in handy.

Popular for their bespoke Indian spices and pastes – created for simpler, tastier cooking – The Spice Tailor recently launched two yummy variants to their product line: Classic Tandoori and Creamy Tandoori pastes. These versatile products are not only delicious but packed with healthy ingredients and are super simple to use.

Fast Pastes are the perfect product to spice up your summer BBQ and work as a quick alternative for marinade, saving you hours in the kitchen. Simply cover meat ingredient or vegetable in your choice of Fast Paste and get cooking!



Courtesy of The Spice Tailor, Cream has two (2) nifty prize packs to give away, each containing an ‘I Love India’ Cookbook by Anjum Anand, plus a stack of goodies from The Spice Tailor: 8 x Currie Sauces, 4 x Daals, 4 x Wrap Kits, and 4 x Fast Pastes (total prize value is over $150 each pack).

To try winning a pack, simply email your name, address and the Subject heading ‘The Spice Tailor’ to cream@pobox.com by 5pm AWST, Thursday 7 February.

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