YouTube premium channels are now available to listen to on Sonos

Good music just got that much more viral, thanks to YouTube Music now being made available on Sonos.

Subscribers to YouTube’s ‘Premium’ and ‘Music Premium’ channels can listen to YouTube’s catalog of original audio content, fan covers, remixes and live performances through the Sonos app.

YouTube Music joins Sonos’ lineup of over 100 streaming partners, giving users access to tunes tailored to your tastes.

Music can be saved to your library, plus you can browse playlists, albums, songs, even specific artist stations. There are also sections for recommendations, new releases and YouTube charts.

Of course this means crap music just gotten more viral also, but if you’re going to be sucked in to god-awful remixes of Baby Shark Dance, you may as well do it with a modicum of style.

Antonino Tati



More information about YouTube Music on Sonos is available on


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