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Cabaret fans are sure to ‘Love This’

Between huge Fringe showstoppers, it’s refreshing to view smaller, independent shows in venues you haven’t been to before.

Arriving at the intimate Rubix Bar beneath the Ibis Hotel, I felt a little like a tourist, which is a good thing – it’s always nice to view your city through different eyes.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the intimate show Cupid’s ‘Love This’ Cabaret but with a host who entered wearing gold lame shorts, akin to something Borat might have worn, I sensed I was about to be subjected to something utterly wild.

Looking a bit like your crazy uncle, our host tells us that he use to entertain kids, that he is straight but likes to dress up on occasion, especially when that occasion involves an audience.

His funny gags immediately involve uniting the audience by physical connection setting off an electrical current using a handmade gimmicky device that is just so silly you have to laugh.

One by one, our host introduces various international and Aussie talent, each delivering innovative comedy, music and theatre.

Mary Bourke – award winning playwright and Irish comic – is a hit; the audience love her, with her female tilted jokes and terrific fodder from her days as a ‘FemFresh’ representative. I recommend catching her full show, called I Can Make You Irish.

There is a Melbourne duo singing their own songs on electric guitar and ukelele and hosting a party game where we all stand up taking turns to sit down as they announce hilarious nicknames for the female and male genitalia.

Fun and silly shenanigans are sometimes the best entertainment, and audience involvement is a sure way to win over audiences.

Cupids ‘Love This’ Cabaret is a great show for newbies to Fringe that don’t want the extremes of nudity or trippy outlandish acts, and even better for Fringe diehards who want a refreshing change from the formulaic shows whose air antics start to get repetitive and predictable. ★★★1/2

Annette McCubbin


For dates, ticket bookings, click here.

And for the full Fringe World program, visit www.fringeworld.com.au

3.5 stars

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