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Scuffed up kicks

Fashion ran out of fresh ideas ages ago. It’s why there’s nothing new under the sun, or on the catwalk, as the case may be. So what does Gucci go and do? Forget the notion of just going back a couple of decades for inspiration, the Italian designer label has put one of its latest designs through the proverbial ringer. And the literal one.

Introducing the Screener GG Sneaker, a sneaker whose design harks back to the 1970s, boasting a vintage Gucci logo and allover ‘distressed’ effect. Yep, that’s the sneaker at the top of this story, looking like some kid has worn them to hell and back.

It’s footwear for the absolutely desperate attention seeker.

So how much will a pair of these dirty-looking shoes set you back? An absurd $1175. Sure, they’re made of real leather and, yes, we understand the label has gone to a lot of trouble to make the footwear appear authentically vintage, but four frigging figures for a pair of kicks that look so filthy your great Gran would be rolling in her grave?

One for the absolutely desperate attention seeker, then.

Antonino Tati

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