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The face of the gunman who murdered and injured dozens in a Christchurch mosque

Chilling footage has emerged, taken by the gunman himself, before he set fire in a Christchurch mosque, killing several and injuring dozens of people inside.

The gunman took the 17-minute POV video using a GoPro attached to a semi-automatic rifle.

The clip shows the man in brown fingerless gloves driving through the streets of Christchurch towards the mosque, before getting out of his car, opening his boot, taking out the gun, and making his way towards the open door of the mosque, before letting out shots.

He was described by witnesses as “short and wearing a military uniform”, and reportedly fired at least nine shots at people standing in the doorway, then shooting indiscriminately at anyone he saw.

Witnesses say the man never spoke a word when he opened fire.

The following is a photograph of the gunman, a 28-year-old man who identified himself on Twitter as ‘Brenton Tarrant’ from Australia. He also published a terrifying 73-page manifesto online, in which he describes himself as “just a regular white man” who “decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people”.


Tarrant continued that his aim was to “directly reduce immigration rates to European lands” [sic].

Police continue to investigate the man’s background and motives.

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