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Game on: The Nostalgia Box is a modern museum covering the gamut of gaming history

The evolution of gaming is a phenomenal subject, even when summarised in one sentence. The astonishing metamorphosis from board games of the ’70s, to physical video cartridges of the ’80s and ’90s, to the instantly downloadable formats of today… it’s like science and magic combined so that we might enter new and exciting worlds at the click of a switch.

But when you slow that evolution down and study it closely, especially the physical gaming era, you’ll be even more awe-struck. Indeed, awesome is the word I’d use to describe the sensation of viewing gaming’s history in the mini museum-like setting that is The Nostalgia Box.

Situated in Northbridge, Perth, and branded Australia’s first and only interactive Video Game Console Museum, The Nostalgia Box is home to an impressive collection of over 100 consoles. Here you’ll see consoles and game content in all their tangible glory, from the simple bouncing-block video games of the early 1970s by Atari and Telstar to the high-tech wonders of today courtesy of PlayStation, Nintendo Xbox, et al.

The tour is self-guided with in-depth explanations behind each console; what it did to change and better the personal and interpersonal video gaming experience.

There’s also a games area where you get to relive the humble joy of playing Pong, or the super-retro experience of enjoying a game of original Space Invaders, Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog.

There’s even a section devoted to those nifty handheld games like Donkey Kong which preceded today’s streamlined 3DS and Nintendo Switch consoles, each one tempting enough to want to break it perspex casing, rip out and boot up! (Nah, we wouldn’t dare).

The Nostalgia Box is craftily decorated, too, with a stunning mural on one wall featuring a host of iconic characters like Pacman, Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot, and making for a cool backdrop for those selfies you know you’ll be taking. Plus there’s a gift shop that stocks fab collectibles like pop vinyl characters on key-rings, metal badges, stickers, and more.

Get together with retro-loving friends and uncover some good ol’ gaming times, whether reliving your childhood or wanting to research where it all began.

The Nostalgia Box gets extra credit for an easy, fun day out.

Antonino Tati


The Nostalgia Box is situated at Shop 3, 16 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, Perth.

Visit their website www.thenostalgiabox.com.au.

Enquiries and bookings on (08) 9227 7377.

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