Boy George gets lost in the 80s… The Court gets lost in attitude

To watch Boy George behind the decks playing music that makes him happy is quite the sight. Here is an icon, whose own songs have been spun by DJs (namely radio ones) for over three decades, who has produced his own songs, remixed for other artists, and played at just about every credible club event there is, from Cream to Ministry of Sound, and yet here he is going gaga as he spins Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams or Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls.

Sure, it wasn’t rocket science, especially since most of the music was coming off computers and CDJs (where the beats per minute are lined up automatically for you) but just the fact that George was bold enough to take a trip down memory lane instead of getting too cool-for-school progressive was enough to keep this retro-bunny happy.

How many 80s tracks is that now, George? Ahhh… eleventy!

The crowd seemed to love it, too. The only thing they didn’t like much was the fact that they had to wait aaaaaages for a drink or two at The Court Hotel bar. Nor did we much appreciate the attitude from some of the security staff.

This place is meant to be queer-friendly and accepting of diversity, and on a night that the master of diversity, Boy George, is DJ-ing there is just no time for attitude and grumpy security.

We’re well aware this place is going through some hardship in reputation, with punters saying it is losing its queer joy, but seeing staff get huffy over simple questions like ‘Where’s the bathroom?’ is only going to make matters worse.

Get your act together, Court… But five stars for stars like this on the decks.

Antonino Tati


Lorena, Chantel & Friend.


Mel Brown.


Chay & Ben.


Glenn & Craig.


Amanda Dee & Friend.



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