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‘MAFS’ and Channel Nine criticised by viewers for “making a joke” of marriage

Social media was all abuzz about Married At First Sight last night but it wasn’t positive. In. The. Least.

Instead of the usual, casual “will she, won’t she?” conversations appearing online, MAFS followers lambasted two of the show’s key contestants, its station host, as well as threatening to boycott the program.

The hashtag ‘BoycottMAFS’ started circulating on Twitter faster than the TimesUp movement went viral in Australia.

If you saw last night’s episode, you’d know what all the fuss about. But, in case you had your head in the sand or were looking elsewhere on the interwebs, here is the lowdown for you:

Contestants Jessika and Dan admitted to having cheated with each other behind their respective partners’ backs, leaving those partners, Mick and Tamara, in fits and tears.

Despite their “manipulative” behaviour, MAFS “experts” insisted on keeping Jessika and Dan on the show, and that is when all hell broke loose on Twitter, with viewers calling Nine and MAFS out as “irresponsible” for “accepting” and “validating cheating in marriage”.

Said Jessika this morning on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa show, “People are like, ‘I hope you get a noose and hang it around your neck and video it; you’re a disgrace.’

In fact, there is even a petition circulating online with viewers wanting to see the show cancelled.

While an impressive 1.68 million viewers tuned in to ‘MAFS’ last night, it seems a huge contingency of this aren’t into TV shows making a “joke” of marriage.

It seems viewers are keen to see deceit and drama on television, but won’t cope with these if the protagonists aren’t punished appropriately. And that is going to have MAFS producers – and the producers of other reality shows like MKR – scratching their heads, wondering how far is too far before they bite the multitude of hands that feed them?

Indeed, will softening the narrative and lessening the drama on these shows make them just plain boring?

Antonino Tati


What do you think? Did Channel Nine and ‘MAFS’ do a bad thing in keeping Jessika and Dan on the show after they admitted to cheating behind their partners’ backs?

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