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Singers and Their New Names

Lots of singers have changed their names and you probably know that artists such as Elton John, Lady Gaga and U2’s Bono all have changed their names in order to be more recognizable.

A change of name doesn’t have a direct result on how high a singer places on the charts, but it certainly helps. Just like a company which wants to prosper would hire a digital marketing agency such as Probella to aid its rise in stature, a singer would change his or her name to be more easily remembered by fans and in turn to become more recognizable.

There are many singers who perform under stage names. Here’s a list of some of the most popular and at the top the charts these days.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a household name these days. She delivers hit song after hit song and not a month goes by without Katy Perry releasing something new.

A big part of her success is the team which works behind the scenes such as her songwriters, composers, video producers and choreographers. However, Katy has another thing going in her favour and that is her easily memorable name. It is easy to say in any language and you would have to be mentally challenged not to be able to memorize it.

However, as with the other singer named here, it is not her real name. Katy Perry was born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson which is a decent name if you want to work as a public administrator and not much more. That’s why it comes as no surprise that she promptly decided to change it.


Bruno Mars

You probably guessed that Bruno Mars had a different name before he started his career as a performer and you are absolutely right. The American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who also freelances as a record producer and dancer, was actually born as Peter Gene Hernandez.

His original name actually makes Katy Perry’s real name look out of this world, and even with his bags of talent he would have probably found it impossible to succeed in the music world if he decided to go with his actual name. Would you want to be in the same video with Peter? Would Pete get a solid recording contract? And will Gene be the heartthrob that he is now without that name change? Probably not.


John Legend

Chrissy Teigen’s husband has one of the coolest names in the music world. However, that was not the name his parents planned for him. They had something more normal in mind and named their son John Roger Stephens. That is a perfect name if you want to be an auditor from Ohio, but not if you intend to succeed in the music industry.



Jay-Z hasn’t come out with a hit for a while, but he still manages to remain popular through his wife Beyonce. However, in his heyday, Jay-Z was a real voice of a generation of rebellious hip hop stars who took the music world by storm.

That might have been different, though, if he decided to go with his real name – Shawn Corey Carter. Say it again and see if it reminds you of your bank clerk.

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