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Consistently beautiful… 30 years and beyond

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Having celebrated its 30th anniversary a couple of years back, Jurlique has proven to be a mainstayer in the fickle business of beauty.

But forget tallying up the years and decades, the products themselves are proof positive of quality and credibility. Which makes it no surprise that the brand’s current campaign hones in on the concept of a journey “from seed to skin”.

“The whole idea of Jurlique was not only to create skin care products but to connect people back to nature,” tells co-founder Ulrike Klein. “That connection, that’s the really important thing for us.”

Founded in South Australia by Ulrike and her husband, Jurgen Klein, the brand’s moniker is actually a phonetic amalgamation of the couple’s names. What’s in a name, indeed?

Jurlique have signature salons peppered across the country, each offering an extensive array of treatments, from 45-minute facials to two-hour-long pamper sessions. One of their most popular treatments is the Classic Signature Facial, a customised facial tailored to individual skincare concerns.

Before treatment, your therapist goes through any allergies or concerns you might have (in my case, an aversion to lavender was considered in product selection, and, believe it or not, I’m allergic to cucumber so products containing this were excluded, naturally).

But to the blissful treatment at hand. Beginning with a brush cleanse to clean the skin and boost micro-circulation, this also has a mild exfoliation effect that helps boost the skin’s circulation.

From there, my therapist Elissa performed gentle aromatic compressions (one of the best parts of a facial!) using Calendula and Lavender Hydrating Essence, warm water and a muslin cloth to gently compress the skin, giving it a good lymphatic boost, increasing circulation and seeing skin hydration levels increase too.

The usual procedures of exfoliate / mask / cleanse again / then moisturise followed and are expected enough, each one utilising an appropriate Jurlique product. Of particular highlight is the mask technique. The clay-based mask is applied heated and feels so good. While the mask is absorbing, you’re treated to a gentle arm/hand exfoliation and massage. Yes, it’s like several therapies in one.

02. Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Cleansing Mousse

The products themselves deserve highlighting, too.

Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Cleansing Mousse, for example, includes jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, daisy extract, and various other plant extracts – namely chamomile, evening primrose, violet, and echinacea. The Rosewater Balancing Mist boasts delicate scents of rose and marshmallow, while the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum gets somewhat more rustic in its concoction with ingredients that include Albizia bark extract and fennel, liquorice root, and rosemary leaf extract. Yes, it all sounds delicious enough to eat – but don’t; far better to put it on your face and body.

03. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

The use of biodynamic ingredients is what makes Jurlique products popular and unique. By growing their plants and herbs biodynamically, the company captures the life force of the land, so to speak, harnessing each seed/leaf/flower’s natural healing properties right from the start. Keeping their eye on the seasons, Jurlique’s farmers know when to pick particular ingredients at just the right time to make use of their full potency. That’s why it’s sometimes the oil of a seed you might read of in a particular product’s list of ingredients, or the extract of a flower or bark.

04. Jurlique_Herbal_Recovery_Advanced_Serum_100ml_1377255548

One thing we know for sure; all this natural stuff has got to be good to you.

Personally, I left my spa treatment feeling fresh and fully invigorated. And a few compliments from friends meant the positive aesthetic results were doing their job, too.  Antonino Tati


This treatment was experienced at Jurlique, Perth, situated in Wesley Quarter, Shop T21, 97-101 William Street. Bookings and enquiries on (08) 9486 4753. For their other spas and Jurlique stockists visit jurlique.com.au.


Julia Roberts’ character was shown using Jurlique hand cream in an aeroplane rest room during the 2010 film ‘Valentine’s Day’!

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