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First Freddie, then Elton, now it’s George’s turn…

It’s as if biopics about queer icons are being handed out like candy these days. First the Freddie Mercury bio Bohemian Rhapsody, then Elton John’s Rocketman, then news about RuPaul having his life story presented on celluloid. Now it’s Boy George’s turn.

Production company MGM is developing an as-yet-untitled film based on the life of the Culture Club singer, with Sacha Gervasi set to direct. While Gervasi’s name isn’t too familiar to movie-goers, his films so far include Hitchcock, The Terminal, November Criminals and the rockumentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil, which won the documentary prize at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

After Freddie, Elton, George and Ru, all we need are biopics on Bowie and George Michael and we’ll have more queens than your average deck of cards.

Boy George’s life makes for an interesting and chequered story, having grown up in a working class Irish family, being forced to box (his father was a boxing trainer), shunned for his flamboyancy, thrown into the spotlight, bending the gender rules, hooked on heroin (and overdosing several times), being falsely imprisoned, cleaning up his act, penning two memoirs, judging reality contests, and moving on to a solo career to produce his own music and DJ.

And that’s just the bits without the cat-fights and bitching.

This will be the second music biopic in the works at MGM, who are also developing an Aretha Franklin biopic starring Jennifer Hudson.

After Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Boy George and RuPaul, all we need are biopics on Bowie and George Michael and we’ll have more queens than your average deck of cards.

Antonino Tati

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