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Sad songs say so much: review of Mark Ronson’s new album ‘Late Night Feelings’

Producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson returns with a new album that once again features a bunch of songs featuring ‘featuring’ in their titles. Ronson, of course, is renowned for working with an army of various artists and the roll call this time around includes Miley Cyrus, Camilla Cabello, Alicia Keys, Yebba and Lykke Li.

This album sits in stark contrast to his previous LPs and I praise Ronson for constantly producing a varied body of work; always pushing boundaries.

The songs on Late Night Feelings are not bangers like you might expect, but instead slower-tempo numbers that would in fact instill somewhat sadder ‘late night feelings’.

The melancholic voice of Lykke Li kicks off the tone of the album with the title track, practically welcoming the listener into a modern lonely hearts club.

Lyrics abound about lost love, unrequited love, late night phone conversations and broken hearts, and for the most part they’re enveloped in disco-style vibes.

Standout songs include Truth (featuring Alicia Keys), Don’t Leave Me Lonely (featuring Yebba), Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (the Miley song which you’ve undoubtedly heard), and the titular track. On Truth, for example, the sheer voice of Keys is powerful enough to send shivers down your spine.

What I really enjoy about Ronson’s work is that he enhances the abilities of the singer and posits he or she (mostly she on this LP) under the spotlight, right where they belong, as opposed to tainting songs with his own vocals or samples.

The lyrics here are relevant to personal situations we’ve all experienced in our topsy-turvy dating lives. And that’s what probably gives me the most ‘feels’ about this new release.

Mango Adonis


‘Late Night Feelings’ is out through Sony Music.

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