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Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This): 10 Fascinating Facts About Dreaming

Sweet dreams! You’ve gone off to bed every night for your whole life, and sometimes you’ll dream and remember it, and other times you won’t recall a thing. Dreams are absolutely fascinating things, and I want to share some of the things I have learned in my recent research about dreaming – just because they’re so dang interesting! If you’re dreaming of having great dreams but struggling to get off to sleep, then it might be worth investing in a new mattress. I always gripe about how I don’t have time, but then friends of ours just looked for their new mattresses online and bought a brand new king-size for themselves and a couple of singles for their kids. I think I’ll be getting a new mattress soon too, the way that they’re going on about how comfortable it is and how great their sleep has been! Well, let’s dive into the world of dreams.


Fact Number One – You can’t read or tell the time in your dreams
If you’re in a dream, and not sure if you’re dreaming or not – try reading something or telling the time in your dream. Most people will be incapable of reading anything in their dreams, and the same goes for telling the time. The clocks will be different times every time you check, and the hands on the clock won’t appear to be working. This probably has something to do with the logic and interpretative parts of your brain that are and aren’t being used while you dream.


Fact Two – Lucid dreaming is a thing, and it’s awesome
You might have heard of lucid dreaming as something that people can practice and hone as a skill. If you do have control over the dream state that you’re in, you can do all kinds of awesome things like flying, walking through walls and travelling to different dimensions. You can also undergo things like false awakenings, which suck – because they’re basically when you dream, and then believe you’ve woken up and go and start making breakfast, only to realize that you haven’t woken up and are now late to work.


Fact Three – You can have premonitions in your dreams
Sometimes people dream something and then it happens, and other times people dream things and it doesn’t. Many people like to say that they have premonitions and others will say it’s a coincidence. Just as an example though, Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his assassination – and that definitely happened, sooo…


Fact Four – Sleep paralysis is also real, and it’s terrifying
When you are dreaming, your body is paralysed (usually) so that you don’t act out all of the things that you’re doing in your dreams. Easy, right? Well, no, because when you have sleep paralysis, you wake from a dream and you’re unable to move and most often, you’ll also have the feeling of an evil presence in the room with you. The cause behind this is usually attributed to the amygdala in the brain, which is responsible for panic and the ‘flight or fight’ response in the brain so you’re feeling panicked.


Fact Five – You can have sexy dreams
You’ve probably heard of people enjoying themselves immensely during a dream – and this is scientifically known as “nocturnal penile tumescence” which basically means you’re aroused while you dream. Scientific studies have shown that men can get up to 20 erections per dream.


Fact Six – Sleepwalking is part of dreaming for some people
Sleepwalking is dangerous, yo. For some people the paralysis that we mentioned above doesn’t work all that well, and they trot out of bed and meander down into the real world for some nocturnal adventures. Yikes. Hope you don’t live next to a busy road if you’re a sleepwalker…


Fact Seven – Dream catchers aren’t just for hippies
The Native American symbol of the circle with interwoven string, feathers and beads was used by the people of America to protect against nightmares.


Fact Eight – The brain is super active while dreaming!
You might be thinking that your brain is resting while you sleep, but it’s not the case. Your brain is actually more active while you’re sleeping than when you’re awake!


Fact Nine – Pets dream
If you’re watching your pet take a nap (weirdo) then you might notice them flailing around and moving their paws or making noises. That’s a dream taking place right there.


Fact Ten – You always dream
But you just might not recall what you dreamed about.

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