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Final trailer for ‘It: Chapter Two’ has dropped and, yes, it’s creepy as…

The final trailer for It: Chapter Two has just been revealed by Warner Bros Studios and it’s creepy as all-hell.

There appears to be a lot of flashbacks to each character’s childhood days, and even a bit of a backstory of the antagonist himself – how he went from normal dude to evil clown. Or so one scene in the trailer suggests…

For those who’ve been living under a rock, the It: Chapter Two plot is pretty easy to follow: 27 years after a group of kids, dubbing themselves ‘the Losers Club’, capture and supposedly kill evil clown Pennywise, he returns to terrorise their town of Derry once more.

Now adults, the Losers have long since gone their separate ways. However, with several children in the town having disappeared again, the Club regroups to try and put Pennywise out of his (and their) misery once and for all. However, they’ve each got to conquer their deepest fears first, during which all hell breaks lose, of course.

The Losers Club catch up 27 years on to try and capture evil clown Pennywise. Suffice to say, the joy of their reminiscing catchup doesn’t last too long…

There appears to be a lot of flashbacks to the club members’ childhood days – when they first encounter Pennywise – and there may even be a bit of a backstory to the antagonist himself – how It went from normal dude to evil clown. Or so one scene in the trailer suggests…

Anyway, judging by the clip, fans of the original book, TV series and first rebooted movie should be happy with the horrific results.

Meanwhile, a producer who helped develop the original It TV miniseries is suing Warner Bros. on the grounds that the studio breached his contract by making the rebooted It films without his consent and without his involvement.

The original miniseries was produced by Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky, the former having passed away in 2016, the latter now suing and demanding 10% of net profits from both recent It films.

It, which was released in 2017,  grossed $700 million worldwide.

It: Chapter Two is due out in September.

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