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Which Switch is which? Nintendo introduces its new ‘Switch Lite’ but is it as functional as the original?

Nintendo will be releasing a new Switch game system, called the Switch Lite, available in various colours, on shelves September 20, 2019.

But the original Nintendo Switch isn’t going anywhere soon. Rather, it will be getting an upgrade mid-August with the promise of better battery life.

If you’re a new Switch buyer or wanting to switch your old Switch with a new one, the question is: which Switch should you buy?

If you’re more used to playing games on the go, then perhaps the original console upgraded with better battery life is you’re best bet. But if like us, you like a bit of colour in your life – and do in fact do a lot of your gaming at the office or from your living room, then a brand-spanking new primary-coloured Switch Lite might be a novel way to go.

After all, the new Switch is indeed as functional as the original so far as software loading and game-playing go.

The Switch Lite is not only lighter in weight but lower in price.

At AU$329.95 the Switch Lite will be available in three different colours: yellow, grey and turquoise. A carry case and screen protector will also be available for RRP AU$29.95.

To watch the Nintendo Switch Lite first-look video in its entirety, go to the official Nintendo Switch Lite website.

And then wait for these bright new babies to hit shop shelves before uhmm-ing and ahhh-ing over which shade suits you best.

Antonino Tati

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