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‘The Simpsons’ Halloween special (episode #666) will pay homage to ‘Stranger Things’ with Lisa in the role of Eleven

Leave it to The Simpsons to remain on top of all that is trending on television. For its 666th episode – which ironically (or perhaps not so) falls on Halloween 2019 – the show will take on hit stream series, Stranger Things.

The poster above parodies Season One of Stranger Things and features Lisa as Eleven (with shaven head and bloodied nose), Bart as Mike, Nelson as Dustin, Martin as Lucas, Millhouse as Will Byers, and Chief Wiggum as Hopper.

Homer also appears in the episode’s poster art, looking like he’s totally freaked out by it all.

Oddly enough, the episode will also pay homage to last year’s hit box office film The Shape of Water with Simpsons favourite Selma Bouvier wrapped in the tentacles of Kang or Kodos, while rumour has it there will also be nods to The Omen in this bumper spooky episode.

The episode is being subtitled Danger Things and, yes, it too will be set in the 1980s, complete with synth music making up the soundtrack, and plenty of product placement that’ll be promoting cheese (“Mmmm, cheese…”).

Alas, instead of the ‘Upside Down’, the Simpsons’ spookier half of the world is being dubbed the ‘Over Under’.

Antonino Tati


The Simpsons Halloween Special ‘Danger Things’ is scheduled to air October 31 in the US and hopefully the same day in Australia.

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