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The Black Keys offer up an eclectic LP but it lacks any kind of connection

Let’s Rock is not a bad little LP for The Black Keys, five years after their psychedelic-infused LP Turn Blue. The 12-track album is brimming with songs to rock out to and that will not fail to resonate with their audience.

‘Let’s Rock’ jumps from grief to love to deceit and heartache, and kind of feels all over the place.

Opening track Shine A Little Light talks about finding a little positive ‘lightness’ in grief but is meshed with enough raw and rambunctious guitar riffs, it might just have you moshing if it gets a live turn from the band.

The ballads, such as Walk Across the Water and Sit Around and Miss You, are infused with some soulful background vocals, while Tell Me Lies features some catchy hooks and infectious beats – even while the song has a pessimistic undertone.

Perhaps due to too many expectations, Let’s Rock doesn’t exactly hitting the mark – especially considering what the Keys are capable of. In comparison to the band’s Danger Mouse-produced El Camino, Let’s Rock is lacking in the rich, punchier soundscapes the band is renowned for.

There is a dissonance with the concept of this album due to its diverse topics and different tempos. It jumps from grief to love to deceit and heartache, and kind of feels all over the place.

When all is said and done, though, I do appreciate solid, listenable tunes. I just really wish that they have something that binds them together.

Mango Adonis


The Black Keys’ Let’s Rock is out through Warner Music.

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